History of Rancho Sonora

Rancho Sonora (originally Rancho Soledad) was born of a love for the desert and the Arizona
sun.  In the early 30's Mrs. Evans built her adobe hideaway as a refuge from the cold winters
of the Northeast.  Likely constructed of adobe, made on-site, the original "rancho" consisted
of four rooms with baths and a small main house.  House plans were found here that support
the idea that a need for larger quarters and additional lodging in the late 40's and early 50's 
resulted in the addition of a dining room and large laundry room (now the main office), as well
as the wing that is now the Evangeline/Fernando suite.  The three casitas were also built 
within that time frame.  Changes to doorways and windows suggest that the construction 
material used at that time was a modified version of adobe with a stabilizer added.

Remnants of exquisite draperies were found in the closets at Rancho Sonora, revealing Mrs.
Evans' refined taste in beauty and decor.  It has been said that while Mrs. Evans resided
here that the walls of the main house were adorned with original paintings from the famous
painter, Charles Russell.


Each owner of "The Rancho" contributed something to make it what it is today.  The original 
pool was built in the 50's, probably in conjunction with the casitas.  Another owner had a
serious love of cactus and desert plants as is evidenced by the many varieties found on the

Prior to 1993, when the Freeman's purchased it, only the main house was inhabited and the 
Juanita casita housed a caretaker.  All of the other buildings had been abandoned.  Restor-
ation of Rancho Sonora has been a great labor of love.  It continues to evolve as times and 
needs change, while still maintaining its natural and original beauty.

Through the careful and caring eye and talent of Linda Freeman, Rancho Sonora has been 
restored to tis original beauty and beyond.  Proudly, once again Rancho Sonora is a special
place to find respite from the cold and the urban chaos.










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